Peace Pentagon Podcast

"All of Us are Chosen Ones"

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Dec 11, 2023 - We're Building a Movement!
Jan 13, 2024 - Patrick's Peace Training #1
Feb 10, 2024 - Patrick's Peace Training #2
Mar 9, 2024 - Patrick's Peace Training #3
Apr 13, 2024 - Patrick's Peace Training #4
Jun 8, 2024
Jul 13, 2024
Aug 10, 2024
Sep 14, 2024
Oct 12, 2024
Nov 9, 2024


The Peace Pentagon Podcast is a non-profit program co-produced by The Oracle Institute and The McCollum Foundation. Podcasts air the 2nd Saturday each month @ 11:00 am EST / 8:00 am PST. The purpose of the podcast is to explore pathways to Peace and to grow a global Peace Movement based in TRUTH, LOVE, and LIGHT.

Oracle Executive Director Rev. Laura George, JD and McCollum Foundation Executive Director H.E. Rev. Patrick McCollum are excited to co-host this show with you! Laura and Patrick have been working together on peace projects for over a decade, and Patrick has visited Oracle Campus for special events, including the 2018 Kogi Ceremonial Visit.

The Podcasts are available at the Peace Pentagon YouTube channel. Each month, a new Podcast is livestreamed on these platforms:

To be part of the program and participate in the live Q&A at the end of each show, join Laura & Patrick in the Peace Pentagon Zoom Room Studio (passcode: WorldPeace).

Laura & Patrick celebrate with members of the Earth Federation Movement at Oracle's Peace Pole Medicine Wheel