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Patricia George

Patricia George, M.Ed.

Pat George is a Director and one of the original founders of The Oracle Institute. She is an avid shaper and supporter of Oracle's mission to further humanity's spiritual growth through educational materials which illuminate the following:

  • Self-knowledge and self-determination related to the Divine spark in each of us
  • Awareness of the Oneness of all peoples and things on this beautiful planet
  • Correction of mistruths related to human history
  • Harmoniously synthesizing what appear to be divergent religious paths
  • Furthering the core lesson of all the prophets: We should be extending our love and care not just to the microcosm of people within our immediate sphere, but also to those most overlooked and in need

Pat was born on a grain farm in Saskatchewan, Canada. Her earliest childhood memories include unending, wave-swept fields and uninterrupted hours spent in childhood meditative activities - much to the consternation of her parents! Moving to Ontario, Canada at the age of nine, she later learned of her parents unfulfilled dreams of public service in teaching and nursing, which ultimately led her down an educational path which combined both.

Following a rigorous, classical education in a Catholic, convent-based high school, Pat first travelled down the medical path, receiving her Certified Medical Technology Degree in 1960. Her marriage to a handsome Naval Academy officer (think "Officer and a Gentleman") led to a permanent move to the United States where the couple had two beautiful baby girls.

1976, Pat graduated from the University of Maryland with a Master's Degree in Speech and Language Science and began her career as a speech pathologist. At first she was interested in adult rehabilitation. However, an internship at a veteran's hospital during the Vietnam War produced such an intense aversion to the obscene results of man-made conflict, that she decided to focus on children and joined the Montgomery County public school system in Maryland. For the next 30 years, Pat followed an individual path of spiritual study and a public path dedicated to the rehabilitation of elementary and pre-school populations. During the last 14 years of her career, she concentrated on children with the most severe impairments, including autism.

In 1988, Pat received an award as the Outstanding Speech and Language Pathologist in Montgomery County. In 1997, she received the Raymond P. Bianco Memorial Award for Outstanding Contribution to Early Childhood Special Education. In 2000, she was awarded the Outstanding Learning Center Program for Pre-Kindergarten Language Class in Montgomery County Public Schools. She retired from public teaching in 2001.

In 2004, Pat commenced building and working for The Oracle Institute. Her life has been an ongoing search for truth which she has pursued through her love of history, her passion for reading and research, and the use of gardening as a means of mediation. She can be reached at: Mimi@TheOracleInstitute.org