Earth Federation Movement

“A world government must be created which is able to solve conflicts between nations by a judicial decision” ~ Albert Einstein

Earth Federation Flags

The Peace Pentagon supports Earth Federation – a global movement for democratic planetary governance. Without world government, it is impossible to end war, guarantee universal human rights, protect our precious planet, or implement a protopian plan for future generations.

Due to the Security Council veto, the United Nations is incapable of representing the people of Earth. Therefore, the United Nations must either update its antiquated charter to eliminate the power monopoly held by just 5 nations (United States, Great Britain, France, Russia, and China), or the people of Earth must devise a new model for confederating nations-states.

Earth Constitution

For nearly 30 years, the Constitution for the Federation of Earth was drafted by world citizens and international legal scholars. Published in 1991, this constitution represents the best of 20th Century philosophy.

The Earth Constitution provides for: (i) a five-person, rotating Presidium (one from each major continent); (ii) House of Nations; (iii) House of Peoples; (iv) House of Counselors (academics & wise elders); and (v) binding World Judiciary. It gives the people of Earth integrated governance, designed to effectively deal with the numerous planetary problems and existential threats facing humanity. Since 1982, 15 Provisional World Parliaments have been held around the globe, and we seek your participation in PWP16.

EARTHwise Constitution

The EARTHwise Constitution is a novel 21st Century approach to Earth Federation. It favors a holistic bottom-up approach to global governance and provides a system-level analysis of planetary issues.

This Constitution is a “compass” for co-creating a thrivable world because it contains the wisdom and capacities of living systems. It also encourages us to become “future humans” of an emerging planetary civilization by providing a collective pledge for the actions needed to heal our divisions and regenerating our Earth. The compass also serves as the architecture for the EARTHwise Game, an AI powered approach to inspire and empower younger generations to help transform our world.

World Constitution and Parliament Association

WCPA Gathering

The World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA) is a worldwide organization dedicated to planetary peace and justice. WCPA is the organization responsible for drafting and promoting the Earth Constitution and seeking its ratification by the people and nations of Earth.

Widely affiliated with human rights, environmental, and peace organizations, WCPA partners with other Earth Federation organizations (EFOs) to ensure a vibrant future for planet Earth, including environmental protection, non-violent conflict resolution, human rights protection, and the rule of just, enforceable law for all nations and peoples.