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Peace Pentagon volunteers produce interviews with thought leaders and futurists in each Sector of Society. Below are cutting-edge conversations with change makers who are building the new world! You'll also find thoughtful discussions of current issues in our Blogs.


Tahil Sharma Peace Pentagon Interview: Tahil Sharma
Posted Date:
Interviewer: Katie Kennedy
Special Guest: Tahil Sharma

Katie Kennedy interviews Tahil Sharma Regional Coordinator for North America at United Religions Initiative (URI).

Save the Planet Peace Pentagon Recap: Climate Strike
Posted Date:
Interviewer: Stacey Bannerman
Stacy Bannerman recaps the global Climate Strike and our participation in Winston Salem.
Renaldo Pearson Peace Pentagon Interview: Renaldo Pearson
Posted Date:
Interviewer: Bob Warner
Special Guest: Renaldo Pearson
Bob Warner interviews Renaldo Pearson, Director of External Affairs for RepresentUs.
Clare DuBois Peace Pentagon Interview - Clare DuBois - TreeSisters Founder
Posted Date:
Interviewer: Noel Marshall
Special Guest: Clare DuBois
Noel Marshall of LightPartners interviews Clare DuBois of TreeSisters
Tim Ryan Peace Pentagon Interview - Tim Ryan
Posted Date:
Interviewer: Lee Ann Fortunato-Heltzel
Special Guest: Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan
Lee Ann Fortunato-Heltzel interviews Congressman Tim Ryan (OH-13) on mindfulness and his book, Healing America.
Barbara Marx Hubbard Barbara Marx Hubbard Introduces the Peace Pentagon
Posted Date:
Interviewer: Barbara Marx Hubbard
Barbara Marx Hubbard Introduces the Peace Pentagon


Liberty and Justice for all Grayson County BOS Public Hearing on “Unborn Sanctuary” Speech
Posted Date:
By: Rev. Laura George, JD

My name is Rev.

Global Women's Forum Roe Reversal and the Peace Pentagon
Posted Date:
By: Laura George
Here is it – the Supreme Court draft opinion that would reverse Roe v. Wade – and it is chilling.
Earth Constitution Solution The Earth Constitution Solution: Design for a Living Planet
Posted Date:
By: Glen T. Martin, Ph.D.
“The human race will cease to exist unless a world government capable of enforcing world law is established by peaceful means....The choice is indeed between one world or none.” ~ Albert Einstein
Justice One Instance of Accountability
Posted Date:
By: Katie Kennedy
It’s hard to celebrate the victories - even a victory as monumental as a jury finally standing up in a court of law to affirm that Black Lives Matter - when so much injustice is still piling up around us. And it’s harder still to celebrate when I end up wondering and worrying whether this will set a new standard – or, if it will be the rare exception to law enforcement not being held accountable for the taking of Black lives.
Civil War Idiots End of White Privilege or Rise of Insurgency? What Spiral Dynamics Teaches Us
Posted Date:
By: Rev. Laura George J.D.

Students of Spiral Dynamics know what is happening to America: The Spiral is collapsing.