Sectors of Society

The Sectors of Society (as represented on the Wheel of Co-Creation) were designed in the 1970s by futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard and Air Force Lieutenant Colonel John J. Whiteside. The Wheel was first used during the Cold War at twenty-five SYNCON Conferences and at multiple Soviet-American Citizens Summits, where the symbol proved invaluable in helping to identify common ground and inspire cooperation during sensitive real-world negotiations.

What is the Wheel of Co-Creation?

Today, the Wheel is a viral icon that is used by social architects, cultural creatives, non-profits, and businesses – all of whom understand the Wheel’s value in identifying the major Sectors of a civilized society and the interconnectedness of those Sectors.

Based on the principles of Systems Theory, the Wheel encourages us to stop working in “silos” and to collaborate and co-create across Sectors. Such cross-Sector communication converges at and through the Hub of the Wheel, which represents Humanity’s collective consciousness.

The Wheel also incorporates principles of Holism, by matching needs and resources to cultivate social synergy among seemingly separate parts. The Wheel fosters deep levels of compassion, cooperation and co-creation, which inevitably leads to cutting-edge breakthroughs which we call Golden Innovations.

Spiral of Creation

The Wheel also represents Humanity’s current turn on the Spiral of Creation. We date the Spiral’s current position to a turning point in 1945, when the United States dropped atomic bombs on Japan, unleashed the Nuclear Age, and gained powers previously ascribed to the Gods. For the first time, Humanity amassed the power to blow up worlds...or to build new ones.

Collectively, Humanity had no experience in wielding this much power – for good or for evil. The tragic ramifications and repercussions from our lack of wisdom are evident today, as we witness the Earth and her inhabitants struggling to survive the chaos of the current epoch.

Thankfully, the Spiral is turning once again, and we find ourselves at the First Age of Conscious Evolution. Clearly, 13.8 billion years of evolution will not be stopped by our crumbling social systems. Rather, this current turn of the Spiral is a fresh opportunity to holistically restructure ourselves and our planet to promote evolution by choice rather than chance.

Spiral of creation

The Spiral emanates from Source (a/k/a God, Spirit, Oneness), and the light of Universal Intelligence animates each turn of the Spiral – spiral after spiral – until consciousness arises, as it did in Homo sapiens. Thus, the Spiral accounts for all of Creation: everything that has been, is now, and will become. Universal Intelligence pierces the heart of the Wheel – the Hub – which now is imbued with consciousness. The Hub is where Humanity receives the passion, wisdom, and inspiration to evolve within the Wheel of Co-Creation – God’s own Sacred Space – and to literally become a new species, which we call Homo Universalis.