What is Systems Theory?

The Wheel of Co-Creation is a Systems Theory approach to building the New World. Look carefully into the Wheel and you will see a White Web that links the 11 major Sectors of Society.

The web represents the concept of "tensegrity" pioneered by Buckminster Fuller, and it depicts the organic connections among the Sectors and the reality that the Sectors are interdependent.

At the center of the Wheel is the HUB – the creative space where the evolutionary impulse is the greatest and the potential for social synergy is the strongest. Thus, the HUB is where all of life meets, merges, and unifies ...

On Location at the Peace Pentagon

Philip Hellmich
Director of Peace at The Shift Network

Are You Operating in a Silo?

Silos of Interest

“The classical worldview was atomistic and individualistic;
it viewed objects as separate from their environments and
people as separate from each other and from their surroundings.
The systems view perceives connections and communications
between people, and between people and nature, and emphasizes
community and integrity in both the natural and the human world.”
~ Ervin Lazlo

Though many of us are working hard to build the New World, we tend to operate only in our favorite Sector (i.e., in a “silo”). As a result, we often don’t take the time – or have the time! – to keep abreast of exciting developments occurring in other Sectors that will enhance our creativity and social innovation.

Because the HUB utilizes a non-linear, integrative, and full-spectrum approach, the model fosters dynamic and exponential growth across all Sectors. Thus, the HUB is a one-stop-site where Members can quickly see what’s current and emerging within the entire Wheel of Co-Creation.