Sector 5: Peacebuilding & Relations

The Peacebuilding & Relations Sector focuses on establishing a global Culture of Peace by teaching principles of social justice and modeling compassion for all. The Virginia HUB affirmatively supports the beauty of racial diversity, the preservation of indigenous cultures, the need for universal gender equality, and the full acceptance of sexual orientation. This Sector also provides training in alternative dispute resolution techniques, such as Spiral Dynamics, Integral Theory, Sociocracy, and Polarity Theory. As an additional Peacebuilding resource, our good friends at The Shift Network have provided us with a link to their World Peace Library. The “heart” of the Peace Pentagon is dedicated to this critical Sector.

HUB-Featured Events & Action Items

NSP Mon Jun 01, 2020 to Mon Jul 06, 2020
Spiritual Activism Training: Prophetic Empathy & Revolutionary Love

We have a strategy to turn the tide: build an inclusive social change movement that is warm, welcoming, and loving, and that puts forth a positive vision of the world we want

World Unity Week Sat Jun 20, 2020 to Sat Jun 27, 2020
World Unity Week

World UNITY Week is a 8-day celebration of our global unity, beginning with the mid year solstice and winding towards the celebrations of the UN 75th anniversary. Key events include the UN International Day of Yoga, the launch of Purpose Earth and 5 days of “open space” offerings.

HUB Member Events

Event Picture Event Date
Evolutionary Relationships Global Gathering Tue Apr 21, 2020 to Tue Dec 15, 2020
Evolutionary Collective: Global Gathering

During the 90 minute monthly gatherings, Patricia will share with you the perspectives and practices that create the depth of connection we are wired for as humans using the virtual global platform we’ve been pioneering for the last several years. There will also be a time for questions and sharing WE-practices. The collective practices are designed to bring us into the new world that is being born through the space between us.