Micro-Communities & Retreat Centers

The Micro-Communities & Retreat Center Sector focuses on the people and places where the New World already exits! There are thousands of Micro-Communities around the World and 56 in Virginia – for a detailed list visit the Fellowship for Intentional Community. Those of us who already have transitioned into the New World are fortunate, and we need to help our brothers and sisters make the shift as well. In that regard, the HUB encourages its Members to visit and consider joining Micro-Communities that offer a holistic environment and opportunities for personal exploration and growth.

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Communities Magazine

Fellowship for Intentional Community
Communities Magazine

If you are interested in Intentional Communities, Check out these free resources from FIC: FIC Magazines and FIC Blogs

North Mountain Community

Lexington, VA
North Mountain community

New community listed on FIC website
now accepting new members

Cultivating Presence: A Weekend Retreat

Dayspring Retreat Center
Germantown, MD
View From the lodge at Dayspring

Together in spiritual community we will share the gift of silence, opening to the Mystery which infuses life with meaning.

Date: February 17 – 19
Cost:$ 210

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