Sector 6: Justice & Governance

The Justice & Governance Sector focuses on protecting the civil rights of planet Earth and all her inhabitants. Currently, there is no international body serving this critical function, since the United Nations is controlled by a Security Council of five nations with veto power over international decisions. So on a global level, this Sector seeks the Federation of Earth and adoption of the Earth Constitution, which will have authority to outlaw war and manage global climate change. On national and regional levels, this Sector promotes the free and responsible implementation of social democratic governance models

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Sun Oct 21, 2018
Women's March on the Pentagon

In response to the continuing march of military aggression by the USA and to put an antiwar agenda back on the table of activists, we are calling for a Women's (and allies) March on the Pentagon on

Sun Nov 11, 2018
Stop Trump's Military Parade

Many groups are organizing to stop this parade, reclaim Veteran’s Day as Armistice Day and call for demilitarization and investment in programs that protect and support our communities in positive

Sector News and HUB VLOGS

Trump Parade Canceled — Peace Parade Goes Forward
Aug 17, 2018

VLOG Date: 08/17/18
Renaldo Jul 25, 2018

Justice & Governance Sector: Democracy Spring

VLOG Subject: Renaldo Pearson

Interviewer: Bob Warner
VLOG Date: 07/25/18
The Empire Strikes Back: 50 Years since the Rebellions of 1968
May 28, 2018

VLOG Date: 05/28/18
MANNA The official initial currency of WCPA under World Legislative Act #22: Toward a Guaranteed Income for the People of Earth
Apr 28, 2018

VLOG Date: 04/28/18
March Environmental Organizations Continue to Ignore War
Apr 19, 2018

VLOG Date: 04/19/18
March for eight billion lives: An interview with Riva Enteen
Apr 10, 2018

VLOG Date: 04/10/18
David Swanson Releases New Book April 2: Curing Exceptionalism
Mar 29, 2018

VLOG Date: 03/29/18
Peace Pentagon HUB Interview: Glen T. Martin
Mar 22, 2018

Justice & Governance Sector: The Earth Federation Movement

VLOG Subject: Glen T. Martin

Interviewer: Laura George
VLOG Date: 03/22/18
David Cobb Peace Pentagon HUB Interview: David Cobb
Feb 25, 2018

Justice & Governance Sector: The Green Party

VLOG Subject: David Cobb

Interviewer: Noel Marshall
VLOG Date: 02/23/18
David Swanson Peace Pentagon HUB Interview: David Swanson
Feb 07, 2018

Peacebuilding and Relations Sector: The Anti-War Movement

VLOG Subject: David Swanson

Interviewer: Laura George
VLOG Date: 02/07/18
How Uncle Sam Launders Marijuana Money
Jan 24, 2018

China Rising Over America China’s Rise, America’s Fall
Oct 29, 2017


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