Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you build a Peace Pentagon?

The Peace Pentagon in southwestern Virginia was built to counterbalance the “War Pentagon” in northern Virginia. The Peace Pentagon serves as a venue for strategizing and planning national and international peacebuilding campaigns. The Peace Pentagon also serves as the community center for our community, the Valley of Light, and as The Oracle Institute headquarters.

What kind of classes take place at the Peace Pentagon?

A variety of classes take place at the Peace Pentagon. Our Peace Practice offers workshops and training programs related to social justice and sacred activism. We also invite thought-leaders in each Sector of Society to use the Peace Pentagon for their own events. In addition, The Oracle Institute uses the Peace Pentagon for its spirituality retreats and classes.

What is Sacred Activism?

Activism is “sacred” when it is based on our highest principles, values, and virtues. It includes voicing disapproval of proposed policies that harm humanity or endanger our precious planet. And it includes resisting existing programs that violate universal moral standards, such as the inherent worth and dignity of all people and the interconnectedness of life.

What is the HUB and why did you create it?

The Peace Pentagon HUB serves as a platform and portal to share critical news and action events in each Sector of Society. The HUB also allows thought leaders and cultural creatives to network with one another – both within a specific Sector and across Sectors – which encourages and increases connectivity, cooperation, and collaboration among HUB members. We use the term HUB because a hub is at the center of a wheel, where all the spokes converge so the entire wheel can move. Our HUB is where the various Sectors meet and where, together, we can help move society forward.

Who can join the HUB?

We welcome everyone who believes in pluralistic and progressive values and anyone who wants to help build a better world.

Can I be involved in Peace Pentagon programs if I don’t live on the Oracle Campus?

Absolutely! In addition to helping with the HUB, we invite the public to our classes, retreats, and other services and we welcome your participation.

How can I get involved?

There are multiple ways you can participate: You can join the HUB, attend our events, donate money or volunteer time, and if you wish to live with other cultural creatives, you can apply to join our Valley of Light community as a Non-Resident or Resident Member. To learn more, see the Get Involved page.

Can I visit Oracle Campus?

Absolutely! Not only can you attend an event, you can schedule a tour or join us for a workday. You also can come for a vacation and stay at our Guest House or Campground. To book a stay visit:

I’m interested in the Valley of Light, what do I do next?

Fill out the VOL Application and schedule a three-day visit.

The Oracle Institute hosts the HUB and is pretty spiritual - do I need to be spiritual to be involved?

No – everyone is welcome! The Peace Pentagon HUB focuses on ALL Sectors of Society, so it takes a broad Systems Theory approach to building a better world. Oracle is one of the thought leaders in the Spirituality & Religion Sector and primarily focuses on issues concerning the Spectrum of Consciousness and humanity’s transition into the Fifth Spiritual Paradigm