Sector 4: Economics & Business

The Economics & Business Sector focuses on holistic business practices, including: public benefit corporations, cooperative (employee owned) businesses, social venture capital, ethical advertising/marketing practices, fair trade, regional economies, local alternative currencies, efficient (low carbon) distribution routes, and living wage principles. This Sector also analyzes and strives to rectify the disparity of wealth caused by unbridled greed and unregulated Capitalism. The HUB promotes regional economies which support local investment and the retention of purchasing power.

Upcoming HUB-Featured Events

Sat Feb 24, 2018
Feel the Heritage Festival
1:00pm - 6:00pm

Celebrate Black History Month at the 26th annual Feel the Heritage Festival!

Sector News and HUB VLOGS

Peace Pentagon HUB Interview: Eric Stetson
Feb 17, 2018

VLOG Subject: Eric Stetson

Interviewer: Bob Warner
VLOG Date: 02/13/18
How Uncle Sam Launders Marijuana Money
Jan 24, 2018

China Rising Over America China’s Rise, America’s Fall
Oct 29, 2017

Will the rise of China mean the fall of America? In a word, yes. Although decline might be more accurate.


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